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Vasque Wasatch-Gtx's
I have used hiking shoes/boots all my life. It would not be a surprise if I was born with a pair on. I have a sense of loyalty when it comes to taking care of my feet on and off the trail. I've had a long happy life, with some pair of Merrell's. That is till a few years ago, as it seemed every pair I bought from them or tried on decided to fit lousy then break apart on me. Rendering my life long relationship with that company terminated, with the exception an occasional thrift store purchase of an old pair of Chameleon's.

Aimlessly wondering as always but in desperate need of new backpacking mid-tops last spring I found on sale, a pair of Vasque Breeze. My feet have been hooked ever since. If I never looked at the name I would swear an old pair of Merrell were on my feet. Vasque has two constants I have found. One...They always feel great from the first day till the last. Two... They last for miles and miles, so even my Breezes worn down to the plastic base is no reason not to wear them from time to time. So here is the review on my new pair of Wasatch-Gtx's.

The Good...

This shoe is very well constructed and is lined with waterproof Gore-Tex, yet breathable. Something that is hard to find out there. They fit so well that there was no break in time. I repeat no break in time, which of course meant I strapped them on and went miles without any blisters or hot spots. I'm liking the scuff proof top since I tend to drag my toes a bit.

Upper support was maybe the best I felt, ever! I went bushwhacking away and thought my ankles would bust however, the shoe held its ground and so did I. Comfort level was great and my feet and ankles recovered in time for my next days hiking plus a twelve mile exit walk on pavement.

The same awesome Vibram sole design that were on my Breeze pair.

The Bad...

I think some will find that the arch support should be better in this shoe. It is purposely made this way and I didn't find this to be any problem what so ever. Though I know for some people this might be a factor.

The Vibram soles are always awesome but these were slippery until worn a bit... This could be because the first day I got them it was raining.

The Ugly...

Like wearing anchors on your feet at first. If your like me and not used to 3lbs 6oz strapped to you; Its a startling change. About a pound more that the Breeze line that I formally reviewed.


A bomber proof shoe that has superior comfort and breath ability but at a heavy weight disadvantage. Still like my Breeze's I wont take them off till they are down to the insoles :-) Till next time... Bangarang!

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