Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 1 Waiting for the Train

I'm anxious for the trains arrival even if it hours away. Stopped at "shot in the dark" cafe before heading off to the station. The moon is huge and no doubt will be waiting for my arrival at 5am in New Mexico. My reservations about leaving Lily is overtaken for my desire to view the Gila running with water. My departing gifts before my adventure was as follows. One skinny yet varnished walking stick, and a Prayer cross with white and orange beads that seemingly match my backpack. My kid always seems to keep those things in mind and is never without a smile even being gone so long. She is got an understanding that this is now what I've become. More of a lovable tramp than the suit and tie guy I once was. I still have no name for my backpack and this is really about the only thing that disturbs her about my trip.

Ran into a familiar face at the cafe. It helps put me at ease. I'm hoping to be there at least two weeks before resupply and want to be gone a total of 28 days.

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