Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 2 Bangarang-ing Mile after Mile

Started out this morning with that same moon which was now bigger than my kids imagination and brighter than any thing I'd ever seen. Four miles in on Hi-way 90 it ducks out of sight and just my preview of sunrise becomes a cruel reminder of the days I have ahead. No matter how long it takes me I wanted to see part of these "Little Burro" Mountains and I have.

Ugly, dry and non-majestic is how I would have to describe things so far. SO it serves as motivation to push myself though the lower Gila as fast as I can. With 6liters of water on my back I'll still have to be careful as I'm not one to bother ranchers for water unless it life or death. Plus I did not come here to deal with isolated paved roads. I've come to see the Wilderness and hopefully no roads will exists

About at mile 14 I see the first sign of entering the Gila. I take a picture amongst high winds and zero clouds. Soon I will take advice from Lily who the day before I left said " Papa when you are tired, take out that funny yellow mat of yours and just take a nap. Sounds like excellent advice to me at this point.

As my day continues I find a sign for the CDT ( Continental Divide Trail) and check out the trail head. Nothing to write home about. Then I finally see FS-861 which is where I'd like to spend the night. All in all this became a 22mile first day of adventure. Except there really was no adventure to be found at the moment. After setup of camp though I have enough water left for 2 days I look for some listed on my Forrest Service Map. Only to find this in its place. Maybe 20 years ago lol this whole area is a abandon ranch that looked at onfe time to be quite charming.

Well back to camp for Beef Stroganoff that makes me miss Johanna's already. Ciao

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