Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 3 Late Start is it a Wind Bivy?

It is a late start for me and I'm just exhausted from yesterdays insane millage. The Bivy I bought withstood 50mhp + wind gust and I'm very proud of my purchase. When I got this Bivy in a trade for my Mountain Hardwear tent I was nervous but not any more after last night. Call  it "bomber" or "bangarang" its going to do just fine I hope. The inside of it is small and just enough for everything I've got with me.

I went up and around FS-861 to FS-860 (8 miles) today with hopes of finding something curious and fun. No avail and went back on route 90 heading to Silver City. Along 90 a nice Mexican asks me if I'd like a ride into Silver City. I decide this is best and leave the lower Gila on the back of a truck. 12:40pm I'm in Silver City and by blind luck find highway 15 to the Gila via Pinos Altos. I refueled via three bananas, one orange and 1gallon of water and feel like Silver City is nicer than I remember it from years ago.

The trip into Pinos Altos was seemingly straight up hill. It was by far harder than the first 21+ miles I did the day before. Its only 9miles but add to the 8 I walked this morning and it being uphill really taxed me. In Pinos Altos there is not much that holds my attention except a Church and before that a chicken who basicly welcomed me to the town. Was basically all I really had time to stop and do. I took out Lily's beads to give thanks of prayer and moved on to get back into the Gila before night fall.
Its important for me to be compliant with all the rules and that means I may only camp on land in the Gila Wilderness unless other wise designated. I'll need to get to Trail Head 74 which has a point of interest called Arrastra.

This device was manually used to separate gold.
When I arrived there I read how the they used this device (See Pic) manually to see where the Gold was. Also they used Mercury that would stick to the Gold and that is how they would find it. After reading how hard that work is I don't feel as tired as I once did. LOL

I setup camp not more than 1/2 mile deep into the trail head. Met two hikers asking me if I was going to go up to Canada and take the whole CDT. While this is intriguing to me on some levels; it really is not what I plan on doing. I want to explore the Gila, see if I like it enough to stay awhile and then go from there back home.

I find though that almost all the people who I've run into on this trip so far have been very nice, and wanting to give; be it a ride, food, water or what have you. Its not what I expected and to be honest the less people I see the better I like it. At least when its nice enough to enjoy the views and wildlife. By the way one of the reasons I haven't mentioned wildlife is that apart from a few cows and birds I haven't seen any. Mainly due to lack of water in this place.

Off to bed early as I want to see how many miles I can "bangarang" out tomorrow. 

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