It's simple really (Never is)... I used to own a couple of shops, had a wife Johanna and have 1.5 dogs (one is so dumb he counts only as a half.) lol and a great kid named Lily. Now flash forward to 2011 and the wife and I divorced, the businesses gone and the dog/s remains dumb and my kid remains great.

I got so tired of people asking me how and what I was going to do during and after the divorce... so I started walking, hiking, and thinking about things. All of a sudden I just felt like always walking, hiking and thinking to myself and enjoyed the solitude. Then I decided, I've got time and energy on my hands, nothing else appeals to me so why not just do what I do now and have fun with it. There is also the promise I made to Lily. ( Its in an upcoming blog) Now, If you are saying to yourself... hey nothing is that simple...Your right its not, but compared to my past (Which was always a complex life) its not so hard. Suffice to say this is my life unless I decide to do something else. Ill share more as life goes on and as people tune in but for now I think this is more than enough about little ole me.

Oh except to say everything that happens is how it happens and taken from my journal from the trips. I don't sit and dream... I do it. and that's one of the reasons why I started this blog... Hopefully one day technology and my wallet will catch up so I can post in real time. So, till then, this is how it has to be done. Enjoy PJO


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