Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 4... Have I found great Wildlife or the Land of Dis-Enchantment ?

As morning broke I did a quick accent up 74 to see if there was and water to be found and the view etc. Nothing of interest, so I went down broke camp, and have chosen to continue on NM-15.

Back at Arrastra to encounter a table with three empty bottles of Stella beer. Now while I give these people high marks for their beer of choice; I'm sadden by the litter they have caused. I am truly heartbroken when I see trash on trails and campgrounds. It does more than irk me and makes me realize why I'm not the gun slinging type.

Taking in the sights and ended up having a meal at Ben Lily Memorial. This guy was truly an interesting big game hunter and his thirst for that led him to the Gila where he decided to stay the rest of his life. The Memorial was put in place by " His Friends" who obviously had high regards for this man. I don't expect a memorial at my passing any time soon. Then again you never know what part we hold in history until our last breath is taken.

View from Ben Lily
During my meal and sight seeing the best wildlife of all has shown up. Woman! A mountain biker who is from Australia working with a cycle team getting ready for the "Tour of the Gila". In short we have a nice conversation that I can't remember because I keep drooling over her fit beauty. Oh and I left my "pot gripper" walking down the memorial with her. She complemented me on my backpack and its efficiency and we go our separate ways back on 15.

Back on 15 and making miles now. However I don't understand the magic of the Gila and beginning to think that this is the land of "Dis-Enchantment". This has become my mantra as I pass mile and mile of the same scenery. When an Australian woman is the prettiest thing you see in three days; its time to re-evaluate your trip plans... I'm also facing a water issue as all I find along the way is "pond scum" type things. I am only 11 miles from Lake Roberts / 26 from the Cliff Dwellings, and know I can Re-up my water but night fall is coming fast. I make it down from the pines to where NM-15 and 35 meet and call it a day. About 20 miles in all today and while I feel good physically mental wise I'm convinced this trip is going to be dull and "Dis-Enchanting".  Little did I know what would be waiting for me over the next 10 days.

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