Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 10...Pt.1...Uphill Climb to Paradise... The Meadows Fire

My morning started out un-eventful, as I broke camp and decided to start at Woody's Coral and TR-160 This took me quite a ways from my destination of  Jordan Canyon but put me in the direction of my Wolf encounter the previous night. I figured it would be a long shot to see one and I was right. Their was nothing on the path, just unnecessary miles to reach TR-28 via Tr-813.

The view from my fall on Tr-813
Along the Middle fork is EE Canyon and with that comes benign river crossings right before the start of TR-28. Benign that is unless your like me and ended up completely in the river as opposed to crossing it. Falling directly on my left side and being soaked was the direct result of indecision on how to cross water. I've always had the terrible habit of being very indecisive when confronting water. So now not only am I wet and sore, but very pissed off at myself and the situation.

The top of TR-28 shows its worth the climb.
The start of TR-28 looks to be a very daunting task. As I am about to find out, most of the 8+ miles of this trail is even more taxing... To say it was completely uphill would be an understatement. To be thankful to see a switchback only to find an even more imposing hill is deflating. Such is TR-28 and the likes I hope never to encounter again. Making it to TR-157 and the top of Jordan Canyon was a gut check, seeing the views was worth every excruciating step. For once taking the hard way paid off with cool weather and beautiful sights.

The Meadows after a recent fire
Before seeing Jordan Canyon and the springs I had to venture past the Meadows now burnt from blasted people that choose to build fires in the dessert. It's an eerie descent onto itself and the fallen, burnt trees in my path were no help. Also it made most of the wildlife vacant and you could hear a pin drop. I had an artist once depict a forest just after fire, the painting was brilliant, maybe his best piece ever. Yet the sadness seen in the piece made it unsellable but I had always wondered if it truly captured the moment. So going through this sad real life scene was able to answer the question I had for years. The answer is... Not so much. It's sad to see this is true but in it I found hope and not near as much destruction seen in that painting.

It seemed to already show some signs of new life and obviously the forest service did their job very well to contain it. I have nothing to compare this to, as I'd never even heard of the Meadows till a few days ago. Yet within this newly formed wasteland I got the feeling it was going to alright. On the edges the scars of the fire give way to wonderful waist high reeds and clear flowing water. This leg of the journey has finally taken me to Jordan Canyon...

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