Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reflections on a Year Since

So just over a year has passed since the Miller Fire nearly silenced my life. That a almost impossible canyon jump saved me from mortality. An event that still seems just as surreal now as it did then. Yet, here i am typing, re opening my blog for the new adventures I'm planning.

 Few recounts and plenty of beer have passed these lips since those days; none of which has helped nor harmed me. I could proclaim the experience changed my life prophetically. However, sometimes i don't believe that to be the case. Did it make me a better parent? Activist? Listener? No. Allow me to be more compassionate to my fellow man? A better lover to women? Not one iota I'm afraid. I'm exactly the same yet completely different. See; I'm human.

 So how do i define it??? I've just started to try and will perhaps for many years to come... search for the meaning of why I'm still here. Though for now, I think I've pinpointed it to one sentence. A reflection that says exactly what it comes down to.

What happened was simply put... A fire, one that nearly outflanked me, almost killed me and chased me to the "razors edge"

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