Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is it the Journey or the Destination???

I often wonder if Ultra-Light backpacking prevents me from seeing all the wonders this world has to offer. Sometimes traveling 20+ miles a day. Do I really get to relish the beauty on the journey? Its why making sure there is a final destination that has lots of appeal to me. Otherwise I'd aimlessly wonder the earth; never noticing a damn thing.

I realize we all backpack, hike or just for that matter walk for many different reasons. Still "destination" has always been my reason to get my ass out of bed. Trekking miles with gear, having to come upon danger from time to time and eating dehydrated foods is not as cool as one thinks.  I'm often dismayed by individuals who seem to want to know all about my trips who have no intention of walking the walk so to speak. I get it but if you are just going to have me explain everything just to end up sitting at home; I've got little respect for ya.

Am I miserable about the Journey? Absolutely not but its not my reason to do what most people think is cool. It's the resting place that took me hours or even days to reach that holds my attention.

Being completely able to relax when I get there, no other human souls around, makes me feel empowered and allows me to reflect on life. So I'll suffer through the journey to get to my destination.

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