Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Leave a trace...Pay a price

Today I want to talk a bit about leaving traces of your hiking or backpacking experiences behind. I know their has been constant preaching about this matter on many websites, commercials and signage; time and time again. Yet people still do not seem to get or want the message. Though it stands as important today as it did 30 years ago the slogans "Pack it in, pack it out", "Leave No Trace" all seem to go un-noticed at times.

I have rarely walked or hiked even in the remote parts of the wilderness, without some piece of liter catching my eye. It's completely baffling to me how some people are careless or perhaps just so spiteful in there trail and camping manners. I'm also convinced that Dr. Pepper, Keystone and Bud Light drinkers are advertising their products though littering. (ha ha)

I don't care if your a border crosser, trail guide or just want to get away with friends to drink beer smoke dope and party it up... "CLEAN IT UP don't FUCK IT UP!" We all pay a price for not being diligent in how we conduct our self out on the trails. Be it though pollution, wildlife destruction or higher taxes; it affects everyone in a multitude of ways.

So if you go out there, bring certain things, think it through. Take something to put garbage in; I use an orange oder proof /waterproof stuff sack. It's completely washable and you can get one at Wal-mart. Don't leave things that can potentially fly away unattended. Use rocks to weigh down things if necessary. Try packing without using the plastic bag things come in. Above all make the effort that if you see liter, pick it up even if its not yours. Saying to yourself "its not my mess" is just a piss poor juvenile excuse for turning a blind eye to the situation.

We all have to do more... Help with keeping our dessert and environment clean. Not only for yourself but for the wildlife and yes...even mountain bikers, snowbirds and the dreaded family car camper :-)

Thx for reading.

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